Ferno Air Splint Kit-6
Ferno Air Splint Kit-6
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Ferno Air Splint Kit includes a hand/wrist, half-arm, full-arm, foot/ankle, half-leg and full-leg splint. Splints can also be ordered individually.


  • Simultaneously splint and stop superficial bleeding.
  • Inflates with simple lung pressure.
  • X-ray translucent.
  • Can be used on children by resizing half-leg or full-leg splints.
  • Zippers allow quick application.
  • Kit includes one each of the following splints: hand/wrist, half-arm, full-arm, foot/ankle, half-leg, full-leg.
  • Splints also sold individually.
  • Comes complete with a nylon carry case.
Ferno Air Splint Kit-6Ferno Air Splint Kit-6
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