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Preparing for Influenza Manual 24-Pages
Preparing for Influenza Manual 24-Pages
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Get ready for flu season! Covers both seasonal flu and pandemic flu, prevention and precautions for special populations, and general info on how pandemics affect daily life and what to expect if a pandemic is declared.
  • Flu symptoms and emergencies
  • Prevention and flu shots
  • Precautions for special populations
  • What to expect during a pandemic and how to prepare
  • 24 Pages
Table of Contents:
  1. Seasonal flu basics 
  2. Flu Symptoms
  3. Emergency warning signs
  4. Difference between common cold and flu
  5. Explanation about flu viruses 
  6. Flu prevention 
  7. Flu shots 
  8. Difference between seasonal and pandemic flu 
  9. Avian flu
  10. Novel H1N1 virus 
  11. Special precautions for people with HIV/AIDS, heart disease, pregnant women
  12. Plan checklist
  13. How to prepare a family; emergency health information sheet and emergency contacts list.

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