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Flood Preparedness Manual 24-Pages
Flood Preparedness Manual 24-Pages
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Floods are the #1 cause of damage to life, limb and property today. Millions of people are caught unaware of what to do when a flood strikes. This solution clearly explains the steps for readiness, reaction and recovery. This guide gives valuable advice on flood preparedness and recovery.

  • Preparedness kits
  • After action duties
  • Flood warning terms
  • Health issues
  • 24 Pages

Table of Contents:

  1. Intro to Floods
  2. Know the Terms
  3. Flooding Causes
  4. Know the Risks
  5. Plan for Safety
    1.  Your Home
    2.  Your Pets
  6. Flood Watch or Warning
  7. After a Flood
  8. Returning Home
  9. Cleanup of Floodwater
  10. Beware of Carbon Monoxide
  11. Prevent Illness
  12. Protect Yourself from Mold
  13. Tips for Insurance Claims
  14. Helpful Resources

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