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Emergency Lighting

Your Safety Place is your "one-stop-shop" for all your Emergency Preparedness needs. From Emergency Lighting to Shelter Supplies and even Auto Roadside Kits, we have given you the options to best prepare yourself and your family to survive a disaster!

No matter where you live, there is the possibility of some kind of disaster you need to prepare for. Whether it be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires, urban unrest, mudslides or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident... We Make it Easy and Simple for you to PREPARE!

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Solar Dynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & Vehicle ChargerSolar Dynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & Vehicle Charger
Solar Dynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & Cell ChargerSolar Dynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & Cell Charger
Dynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & USB Cell ChargerDynamo Flashlight AM/FM Radio & USB Cell Charger
Satco LED Emergency Light SquareSatco LED Emergency Light Square
Dynamo 3-LED Flashlights 2-PackDynamo 3-LED Flashlights 2-Pack
Dynamo 3-LED Squeeze FlashlightDynamo 3-LED Squeeze Flashlight
''Super Bright'' 9 LED Mini Flashlight''Super Bright'' 9 LED Mini Flashlight
Dorcy Waterproof & Floating 3AA FlashlightDorcy Waterproof & Floating 3AA Flashlight
Life+Gear Glow Flashlight RedLife+Gear Glow Flashlight Red
2D Flashlight2D Flashlight
Industrial 2D FlashlightIndustrial 2D Flashlight
6V Spot Beam w/ Swivel Base & Battery6V Spot Beam w/ Swivel Base & Battery
18-LED Headlamp Flashlight 3AAA18-LED Headlamp Flashlight 3AAA
Adjustable Beam Headlamp Flashlight 3AAAdjustable Beam Headlamp Flashlight 3AA
Dynamo 3-LED Headlamp FlashlightDynamo 3-LED Headlamp Flashlight
150w Portable Clamp Halogen Light150w Portable Clamp Halogen Light
1' Portable 500w Halogen Light1' Portable 500w Halogen Light
36-Hour Emergency Survival Candle36-Hour Emergency Survival Candle
24-Hour Emergency Liquid Wax Candle24-Hour Emergency Liquid Wax Candle
Emergency Candles 5-PackEmergency Candles 5-Pack
36-LED Dynamo Wind-Up Lantern36-LED Dynamo Wind-Up Lantern
Water Resistant LED Lantern 800-LumenWater Resistant LED Lantern 800-Lumen
12-Hour Green Lightstick12-Hour Green Lightstick
12-Hour Green Lightstick 12-Pack12-Hour Green Lightstick 12-Pack
12-Hour Green Lightstick 500-Case12-Hour Green Lightstick 500-Case
30-Minute High Intensity Yellow Lightstick30-Minute High Intensity Yellow Lightstick
30-Minute High Intensity Yellow Lightstick 12-Pack30-Minute High Intensity Yellow Lightstick 12-Pack
Life+Gear LED Glow Stick GreenLife+Gear LED Glow Stick Green
Life+Gear LED Glow Stick RedLife+Gear LED Glow Stick Red
Life+Gear Eco-Light Stick GreenLife+Gear Eco-Light Stick Green
Industrial 25' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 25' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
Industrial 50' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 50' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
Industrial 100' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 100' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
2' Triple Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord2' Triple Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord
Industrial 6-Outlet Surge/Circuit Breaker w/ Metal BodyIndustrial 6-Outlet Surge/Circuit Breaker w/ Metal Body
Streamlight Twin-Task 2DStreamlight Twin-Task 2D
Streamlight Septor HeadlampStreamlight Septor Headlamp
Streamlight Trident HeadlampStreamlight Trident Headlamp
Streamlight Haz-Lo HeadlampStreamlight Haz-Lo Headlamp
Streamlight Clip-Mate 3AAAStreamlight Clip-Mate 3AAA
Industrial Alkaline D-Cell Batteries 12-PackIndustrial Alkaline D-Cell Batteries 12-Pack
Industrial Alkaline AAA-Cell Batteries 18-PackIndustrial Alkaline AAA-Cell Batteries 18-Pack
Industrial Alkaline AA-Cell Batteries 24-PackIndustrial Alkaline AA-Cell Batteries 24-Pack
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