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Exciting news! Your Safety Place is getting bigger and better!

2017 saw lots of change for us as in July, we were acquired by The Mead Group, a leading technology company.  The Mead Group’s purchasing of YourSafetyPlace.com, and our sister company Nexis Response (nexisprep.com), was to further their mission of “Making Everybody Safer” with the goal of becoming the premier e-commerce destination for emergency products and information. 
To this end, starting March 1, 2018, we will be merging with our sister company Nexis Response.  This is great news for YourSafetyPlace.com customers because not only does Nexis Response have a better selection of quality emergency preparedness products than YourSafetyPlace.com but Nexis Response also has more emergency preparedness information to help educate you on why and how to better prepare for the unexpected (take a look at the Nexis Response Information Center
But why wait until March 1?  Visit Nexis Response today for all your emergency preparedness needs!
If you have any questions or concerns about this transition, please do not hesitate to contact us at support@yoursafetyplace.com.   
Thanks again for your support.  We appreciate your shopping with us, Your friends at Your Safety Place.

Your Safety Place is the premier destination for quality emergency preparedness supplies to keep you safer.  Our selection includes everything you need from basic safety supplies to complete solutions for your home, school, business or institution.  Whether it be an earthquake, flood, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, mudslide or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident, disaster can strike anywhere anytime so you need to be prepared before it happens.

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Getting prepared is as simple as these 3 steps: 
Step 1 – Buy emergency supplies for you, your family and your pets
Step 2 - Make an emergency plan
Step 3 - Get informed

Step 1
In the event of a disaster, you cannot rely on government or outside aide for longer periods of time. You need to be self-sufficient and provide the essential supplies for yourself and your family in the aftermath of a disaster. FEMA recommends that you have a minimum of 3-days supply of emergency food and water. We strongly recommend between 7-14 days of emergency food and water as a minimum. After hurricane Katrina, there were many people who didn't see any form of government aide for as long as a month!
Step 2
There are many things you need to prepare for before a disaster happens. From travel and commuting plans to communicating with out-of-state contacts to having a fire escape plan, gather your family together and make sure everyone knows what to do before, during and after any disaster.  Visit Preparedness Info for guides and how-to’s to help you prepare. We recommend the Preparedness Checklist & Assessment Guide to see how prepared (or not) you are and what you might still need for supplies. 
Step 3
You now have supplies and a plan but you need to get updates before and after a disaster. Connect via social media to your local and County FireEMSPolice or OEM (Office of Emergency Services) as many communicate critical disaster updates.  Many also share information about preparedness tips, events and upcoming workshops in your local area. Check out Preparedness Info for quick access to informational websites on preparedness and survival. 
Go to your local school and make sure that they have prepared themselves to provide for your children.  Does your place of employment have any disaster preparedness plans?  If you don’t know, ask.    Everything you can do now to prepare before disaster strikes will help make you and your family, friends, and neighbors as ready as you can be to keep you safer.

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IMPORTANT: Our LIvermore, CA retail location closed in July.  Online sales only.  

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