Our Emergency Power Department we can supply with everything you need to provide for yourself and your family during and after a disaster.

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Industrial 25' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 25' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
Industrial 50' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 50' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
Industrial 100' Electrical Cords 14-GaugeIndustrial 100' Electrical Cords 14-Gauge
2' Triple Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord2' Triple Outlet Outdoor Extension Cord
Industrial 6-Outlet Surge/Circuit Breaker w/ Metal BodyIndustrial 6-Outlet Surge/Circuit Breaker w/ Metal Body
Industrial Alkaline D-Cell Batteries 12-PackIndustrial Alkaline D-Cell Batteries 12-Pack
Industrial Alkaline AAA-Cell Batteries 18-PackIndustrial Alkaline AAA-Cell Batteries 18-Pack
Industrial Alkaline AA-Cell Batteries 24-PackIndustrial Alkaline AA-Cell Batteries 24-Pack
Portable Dynamo / Solar USB Power PackPortable Dynamo / Solar USB Power Pack
12V Battery for Electric Start Generators12V Battery for Electric Start Generators
PRI-G Industrial Grade Gasoline Treatment 16oz.PRI-G Industrial Grade Gasoline Treatment 16oz.
1-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can1-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can
2-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can2-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can
5-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can5-Gallon Type1 Safety Gas Can
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Your Safety Place, Inc.
IMPORTANT: Our LIvermore, CA retail location closed in July.  Online sales only.  

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