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5-Year Shelf Life Emergency Rations

Your Safety Place has the Emergency Food you need to keep nourished during any emergency! From Emergency Food Bar Rations to Mountain House Bulk Foods, we have given you the options you need to handle one of your most important needs during a disaster. 

All Emergency Food Bars have a 5-year shelf life*, Mountain House Pouches have a 7 year shelf life* and Mountain House Cans have a 25-year shelf life*. We have also given you a variety of options for Cooking & Food Preparation. Make sure your family is prepared to survive any disaster!

No matter where you live, there is the possibility of some kind of disaster you need to prepare for. Whether it be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, tsunamis, wildfires, urban unrest, mudslides or the risk of a nuclear or chemical accident... We Make it Easy and Simple for you to PREPARE!

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2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bar2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bar
2400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars Case-402400-Calorie Emergency Food Bars Case-40
3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bar3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bar
3600-Calorie Emergency Food Bars Case-203600-Calorie Emergency Food Bars Case-20
Cherry Millennium Bars Case-144Cherry Millennium Bars Case-144
Lemon Millennium Bars Case-144Lemon Millennium Bars Case-144
Blueberry Millennium Bars Case-144Blueberry Millennium Bars Case-144
Vanilla Millennium Bars Case-144Vanilla Millennium Bars Case-144
Coconut Millennium Bars Case-144Coconut Millennium Bars Case-144
Tropical Fruit Millennium Bars Case-144Tropical Fruit Millennium Bars Case-144
Apricot Millennium Bars Case-144Apricot Millennium Bars Case-144
Raspberry Millennium Bars Case-144Raspberry Millennium Bars Case-144
Orange Millennium Bars Case-144Orange Millennium Bars Case-144
Millennium Bars Assorted 12-PackMillennium Bars Assorted 12-Pack
Millennium Bars Assorted 24-PackMillennium Bars Assorted 24-Pack
Millennium Bars Assorted 144-CaseMillennium Bars Assorted 144-Case
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie CherryMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Cherry
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie LemonMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Lemon
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie BlueberryMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Blueberry
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie VanillaMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Vanilla
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie CoconutMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Coconut
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie TropicalMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Tropical
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie ApricotMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Apricot
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie RaspberryMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Raspberry
Millennium Bar 400-Calorie OrangeMillennium Bar 400-Calorie Orange
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