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In April of 2006, Your Safety Place opened its doors serving the preparedness and emergency needs of people living in the San Francisco Bay Area with a “one-stop-source” retail showroom in Dublin, CA (near the Hayward fault-line).

“Living here in the Bay Area I was astounded at how difficult it was to find all the resources one needs to make even a basic earthquake preparedness kit," said Brian Klosterman, president and co-founder of
Your Safety Place. "I spent hours researching what needed to be included in the kit and then had to visit a half dozen different stores and spend weeks acquiring all the supplies. We started this business out of frustration of not being able to easily get the supplies we needed to protect our families and friends in the event of an emergency or a major disaster.”

We always want to give our customers the best and most comprehensive assortment of products to provide them with everything they need to prepare themselves and their families in the event of an earthquake or natural disaster. In July of 2006, we launched YourSafetyPlace.com to give our customers a comprehensive online solution for their preparedness needs.

                      Top - The Beginning, YSP's Original Retail Store. One of 
                      our expert preparedness advisors.
        Top - Nexis specializes in Emergency ARK supplying and
        monitoring. Bottom - Nexis' corporate "Mobile Preparedness Solution".

“We all face the same challenges these days in getting smart about preparedness no matter where we live,” added Klosterman. “With our online store, now everyone has a place to go for the right supplies and information, at the right prices, right here and right now. We believe that Your Safety Place online will help motivate and enable everyone to get prepared."

In the beginning of 2010, we launched a new corporate sales division named Nexis Preparedness Systems (NPS) to specialize in corporate business preparedness. Nexis was formed to fulfill our business customers' needs. Nexis focuses on providing a comprehensive emergency supply management solution. Nexis doesn’t just sell supplies, but instead provides a one-stop resource for managing the entire emergency preparedness supply process.

In December of 2011, We expanded and moved to a larger facility that encompasses our corporate headquarters, retail showroom, kit assembly operation and distribution center in Livermore, CA.
We are now equiped to handle any disaster situation and able to respond to the public when the need is dire.

After more than 8 years in business, We have over 900 preparedness and emergency products in stock and access to 100,000’s of products available through our broad array of distributors and suppliers!

We have also made multiple partnerships with business and organizations to offer you
a complete preparedness solution for your home or business. Come down and visit us
at 290 Lindbergh Ave. in Livermore, CA or
call (925) 829-0350 and one of our expert preparedness advisors would be more than happy to assist you with any of your emergency needs. 

       Top - The new Your Safety Place Retail Showroom. Middle - Our new
       Distribution Center. Bottom - We always have our emergency kits in

Proverbs 22:3…A prudent person foresees danger and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences
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